What is MyOccupationalHealthandSafety.com?

Like the blog byline says, “Safety is a journey…not a destination.”  Regulations change and the types of activities we perform in our businesses change.  Reviewing and updating health & safety policies and procedures regularly is very important in staying compliant.

My hope for starting this blog is to raise awareness for small business owners about the ongoing challenges of  occupational health and safety, the importance of staying current with regulations, answering your questions and encouraging dialog.

I will write/blog regularly to talk about the changes as they take place and the many different  activities that need to be considered for maintaining safety in the workplace.

We often get cutomers asking  questions on how the regulations in the MOL “Green Book” and the CSA Regulations affect their businesses specifically and what they need to do to comply with the regulations.

Owner “due diligence” is the first step in creating a safe and healthy work environment for your employees.  Developing Health & Safety policies and procedures and working with your  JHSC (Joint Health & Safety Committe),  lets employees know what boundaries are there for their protection. 

 At the end of the day employees want to go home to their families and we as small business owners want healthy, happy, productive workers.

I hope the articles and links posted here will help clarify all your Health & Safety questions and will help in some way in preventing accidents in your workplace.

Remember   –   Think Safety…Work Safely

Dedicated to helping you on your Health & Safety Journey,

Sandra McDonald- Souter
Health & Safety Trainer & Consultant

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